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Political betting on TonyBet

What is political betting?

Political betting is gambling on major events in politics. This is one of the least known genres of gambling and it makes for some really exciting and amusing entertainment.

Few things feel as good as making a winning bet on a political event.

In general, the list of online political betting events may include:

  • Winners of the presidential elections on election day.
  • US presidential elections.
  • Mayoral election winner.
  • Parliamentary elections.
  • Changes in legislation (for example, such political betting events as the UK's exit from the European Union (Brexit).
  • The percentage of collected votes (above or less than the specified value).
  • Impeachment of a president.
  • Dissolution of parliament.
  • Referendums.

Type of odds

The minimal odds given by the TonyBet politics betting site can be quite attractive, as the venue really has something to offer its clients.

The odds to win may differ not only depending on the popularity and rating of the candidates but also depending on the time the bet is placed. If a news segment about a scandal involving one of the candidates surfaces, their odds are likely to shoot up.

But what about election odds on political events?

The odds offered by us for the victories of individual politicians or parties accurately reflect the essence of what is happening. Therefore,political betting is more about balancing risks and rewards.

And, of course, the more unpredictable the result, the more equal the odds become. For example, if you want to bet on the victory for one of the governor spots in the United States and each of the candidates has approximately the same number of supporters, then the odds will be more or less equal.

To find out what are the latest political betting odds are, open the political events tab. There you will find all of the latest information about political events.

Political vs sports betting

Political betting and sports betting are quite different. Basically, there are not so many world-famous political events, and therefore political betting is not so popular and not so diverse.

Often gamblers are afraid to bet on politics because of the high likelihood of fraudulent elections. In the world of sports, the likelihood of match-fixing is significantly smaller.

Also, political betting isn’t as popular as wagering on sports. Many betting fans have never even heard of this type of online gambling. At the same time, in the developed democracies, political betting odds usually are more equal.

In many countries, betting on political and cultural events is hugely popular. For example, in the UK they are comparable to sports such as golf and rugby.


Can I bet on politics?

Yes, you can. TonyBet is both an online sportsbook and a world-class betting on politics website. Every registered user can choose an appropriate event and bet on it if it’s available in their region.

Is betting on politics even legal?

In most countries (including USA and the UK), betting on political events is absolutely legal on a licensed betting site. If you are a resident of another country, then it is better to study your local legislation. The best political betting sites always tell you whether playing is legal in your country.

How to bet on politics on TonyBet?

First of all, you need to create an account. Just press a large green button in the top right corner and fill in all the information needed. Then replenish the account and go to the political betting menu. Each event will be described in detail: you will see not only the current odds but also the date when the betting option appeared.

Thus, TonyBet is a political betting website with a diverse list of events and great odds. Anyone can try their luck here and win real money in 2020.

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