Casino Hold'em

If you're into card games, Casino Hol'em at TonyBet Live Casino is the game for you. It's simple, entertaining and it's all in your hands. The game is very similar to the world-famous Texas Hold'em poker, only instead of table opponents or online sharks, you get to play against our lovely dealers!

Casino Hold'em is a highly popular casino game played in all of the world's biggest casinos and enjoyed equally by the top poker players as well as recreational gamblers. The game is played very much like Texas Hold'em poker.

Casino Hold'em follows the basic Texas Hold'em rules with a few exceptions. Here's how you play the game:

  • Casino Hold'emCasino Hold'em is played against the dealer, instead of an opponent
  • Players must place their bets before the hands are dealt
  • The player receives two face-up cards while both dealer's cards are dealt face-down
  • The flop is dealt face-up along with the player's and the dealer's cards
  • After the flop the player has to decide whether to fold their hand or to make a call
  • By calling the player doubles their initial bet
  • If the player calls, two more community cards are dealt face-up
  • The dealer then opens their cards
  • better five card combination wins the game

  • Now you know the rules and are ready for a game of Casino Hol'em. Click the Start Playing button and enter the TonyBet Live Casino! Enjoy playing Casino Hold'em against our live Under construction.