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Learn Open Face Chinese Poker Strategy with Pedro Marte

2014-02-17 News >

The first Tonybet Poker Pro and Brazilian Open Face Chinese poker champion Pedro Marte is starting his OFCP strategy video series guiding players trough the online game of Open Face Chinese.

In his first video session Pedro plays at a three-handed €500 buy-in OFCP Pineapple table and gives a detailed explanation of every hand he plays as well as the decisions he makes. In addition, Pedro also analyzes his opponents giving the viewers an idea of how to get under their skin and predict their game.

This Open Face Chinese poker strategy video is a great illustration of how exciting and unpredictable OFC poker can be – although struggling at the beginning, Pedro scoops his opponents in the last few hands making a profit of almost €300.

Be sure to watch the full video and learn the game from the OFC poker champ Pedro Marte. Also subscribe to Tonybet poker's youtube channel for more Open Face Chinese poker strategy videos!